Occupation area : Veterinary Line

Registration and/or renewal, quality control of veterinary products and additives, attending the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply of Brazil imagem <b>Veterinary</b>&nbsp;Line

• Tests with antimicrobials, anti-inflammatories, additives, hormones, vitamins, minerals, disinfectants and sanitizers for use in facilities;
• Studies with veterinary products for oral, injectable, intramammary, topical, etc...
• Determination of the grace period (Residual Depletion Studies) in edible tissues, milk and eggs, using analytical quantification methods using LC-MS/MS and GC-MS/MS;
• Clinical safety study (harmlessness) in different animal species: birds, swine, canines, felines, horses, cattle, sheep and goats. Clinical and laboratory evaluation of animals;
• Evaluation of an in vivo efficacy test: Antiparasitic, Antibiotics, Anti-inflammatories and others);
• Conducting in vitro efficacy tests: Minimum Bacterial Concentration, Minimum Inhibitory Concentration and Synergism Studies;
• Pharmacokinetic assays in target organs such as lung and intestine, in addition to plasma and intestinal content;
• Bioequivalence tests;
• Bioavailability tests;
• Performance studies in target species;
• Evaluation of similarity (equivalence) between batches of pilot matches;
• Conducting stability studies on veterinary products for registration purposes;
• Stability study of use and formulation;
• Quality control in raw material and finished product for veterinary use;
• Pharmacokinetic assays;
• Studies in accordance with the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil and relevant international legislation (EMEA, VICH, Australian and Japanese, CODEX and FDA).

Quimiplan has an Ethics Committee for the use of animals in Research-CEUA, registered / CIUCA at the National Council for Animal Experimentation Control (CONCEA). We are accredited together with CONCEA. Its staff includes members of the Brazilian Society for Clinical Research, which are constantly updated.

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